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    Are you available for an impromptu mini outreach or events?

    Become a Volunteer

    Thank you for your desire to join us in our efforts in providing Health & Social Welfare Intervention, Youth Education & Empowerment, Food Banking and Feeding Programs.

    We appreciate you for your time, energy, passion, resources and dedication you are giving to this cause to make a difference and touch so many lives as you Volunteer and Become a Member at the JKA Aggey Foundation.

    Benefits of Volunteer Work

    • Making a difference: Providing a service to those in need brings a sense of accomplishment; pride and happiness.
    • Learning new skills: Work done at volunteer organizations often differs greatly from work done in private businesses. By taking advantage of community service opportunities; one has the chance to learn more about other industries while gaining communication and teamwork skills.
    • Building community: Volunteering is an excellent way to build team spirit; foster relationships among group members; or make new friends.
    • Boosting your resume: People love to work with good people! Volunteer experience may boost your chances of landing a job or getting into your preferred college/University outside Nigeria.

    If you are interested in volunteering and becoming a member, please take a minute to complete the interest form. It’s amazing what we can do when we work together.

    Volunteering at The JKA Aggey Foundation is a great team-building experience and can be categorized into the following depending on how you want to render your time and services.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Virtual Volunteering:

    1. Partnership and Fundraising
    2. Communications (Apply to get more details)
    3. Social-media, Web development/Graphics
    4. Grants writing
    5. Food sourcing
    6. Program creative and Contributors
    7. Research
    8. Job Placement (apply for more details)

    Please note: If you are interested in virtual volunteering kindly send an email to

    Please note: The mode of activity execution and tracking of virtual hours would be communicated at the point of virtual volunteers’ on-boarding.

    Office Administration:

    These activities include: Fundraising, Food sourcing, Research, Social media, Graphic design, Videography, Photography, Volunteer management and engagement, Communication designs, Nutritionist, to name a few.

    If you would like to take the career path in volunteering, you can also apply to volunteer full-time. Please click here to apply.

    JKA Aggey Foundation