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Our Key Programs

Food Banking

We implement a model called food banking. We network with Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and growers to partner with us to recover their edible surplus food and distribute it responsibly to provide greater access to food for vulnerable groups across our country.

Food drives are a really popular activity among individuals, families, communities & groups within the workplace and society, it is all about having fun whilst getting involved in the fight against hunger!

We will regularly-schedule food drives throughout the year, but people are welcome to hold their own food drive at any time of the year. We welcome all types of non-perishable food products that everyone should have access to.

Our Feeding Programs

We have a range of feeding programs aimed at providing regular food for the needy, elderly, and school children. Our feeding programs include:

Pillars of our Food Banking Model

Reduce food waste

Feeding the needy and those incapable of working.

Creating a model for your Corporate Social Responsibilty projects.

School Meals

Community Kitchen

Family Meals

Senior Meal

Emergency Food Box

Bag of Hope

Your neighbors still need food.

You can help.  Your support will help our food banks stocked to help those who need it most.  Take action.

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