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Partnership Options

By Partnering with a charity like JKA Aggey Foundation, you can help support our programs that provide needy with essential healthcare, education, food and more.

Corporate Partnership

As a Business you can be part of the solution. When you partner with us, you become part of something bigger – a movement to provide for the needy in our community!

As a business, you can support us in a variety of ways. From financial contributions to items donation, large and small businesses can join our mission to provide for the needy individuals and families in our community.

We will work with you to meet your social impact goals through weekly volunteer sessions, custom promotions, and creative ideas for fundraising events.

For questions or more information, please contact us.

    1. Provide Boreholes/well with pump with filters or water treatment in one or more undeserved communities.
    2. Supply Solar powered kits like rechargeable lamps and bulbs.
    3. Refurbish: Public Schools toilets, libraries or provide educational materials like school bags, books and footwear to indigent school children.
    4. Pay School fees or scholarship for indigent children in the slum communities.
    5. Sponsor or put an indigent family on food scholarship for 6months for steady food collection from the food banks.
    6. Provide medical supplies such as eye glasses, mobility aids like wheel chairs clutches to people living with disabilities, breast pads for nursing mothers.
    7. Provision of learning materials for children with special needs.
    8. Pay hospital bills for the poor in different general hospitals.
    9. Provide Sanitary pads for girls/ Promotion of sexual health and Prevention of STDs awareness campaign and supply of condoms.
    10. Provide nutritional supplements to Pregnant Women to sustain them through the pregnancy circle.
    11. Set up small scale businesses for widows and extremely indigent women In Lagos slums and support for skill acquisition.
    12. Provide Mosquito Nets to vulnerable Families living in the slum.
      Clean up slums and provide waste bins for sustainable and healthy environment.
    13. Provide post-delivery kits to nursing mothers.
    14. Register teenage girls for skill acquisition training and empowerment.
    15. Provide clothing to families living in the slum. Second hand clothing are purchased at a very reduced rate from a local market and distributed to children and their parents in the slum.

Other ways to Support

Donate Money

Donate Clothing

Corporate Partnership

Donate Vehicle