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Our Key Programs

Job Placement Program

The job placement program is an innovative approach adopted by JKA Aggey Foundation to achieve its goal in solving underlying causes of hunger and malnutrition which include poverty and unemployment. This program is geared towards ensuring our beneficiaries get jobs to enable them to fend for themselves, contribute to the enterprise, and not solely rely on the Foundation for relief items.

We achieve this by collating the basic skills and educational qualifications of our unemployed beneficiaries into curriculum vitae. These skills are advertised digitally using e-flyer.

Typical jobs we provide for our beneficiaries:
• Cleaner
• Wash woman/Man
• Nannies
• Housekeeper
• Sales assistant
• Driver
• Security guards
• Dispatch Riders
• Plumber
• Electrician

Our goal is to reduce unemployment and underemployment by providing job opportunities and resources to beneficiaries to enable them to become self-reliant and gainfully employed.

Target Beneficiaries
The unemployed and underemployed in low-income communities

How We Help – Beneficiaries Development
• Resume and cover letter development assistance for unlettered beneficiaries in search of jobs.Opportunities
• Connections with employers (corporate organizations, Donors, individuals and volunteers)
• We search and link our beneficiaries to potential menial jobs opportunities

Looking to employ a menial worker?
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Do you know anyone with menial skills, who’s unemployed?
Let us know.

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To be a part of the job placement program,
Contact us for more information.

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