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Partnership Opportunities

By Partnering with a charity like JKA Aggey Foundation, you can help support our programs that provide needy with essential healthcare, education, food and more.

We offer platforms for our partners to collaborate with us in solving the issues that affect at-risk children, widows, orphans and less privilege through the provision of free services such as:

Healthcare Services –

  • Assistance in promoting healthier lifestyles
  • Supply/donation of medications and other health care products
  • Corporate partnership with healthcare institutions for the free treatments of widows and orphans.
  • Free eye health services

Technology –

  • Information technology capacity building for the youths, widows, their children and orphans
  • Donation of learning aids such as computers and other gadgets to support the education of  youths, widows’ children and orphans.
  • Mobile technology

Human Capital Development/Training –

  • Enterprise development training
  • Skills acquisition and vocational training
  • Agribusiness (farming, fishery, piggery, poultry, etc.)
  • Donation of machineries/equipment e.g., sewing machines
  • Donation of farmlands and other tools for positioning JKA Aggey beneficiaries better for success.

    You can be part of the solution. When you partner with us, you become part of something bigger – a movement to provide for the needy in our community!

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