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Our Key Programs

Historical Africa Cultural Center develops vibrant and dynamic cultural projects and programs. With our partners, we aim to make the center a creative community and a vibrant place of discovery, learning and exploration for all residents and visitors.

African Arts & Crafts

We use our African arts & crafts to enlighten Africans and the diaspora about our ancient African history and culture.

We use a variety of multi-media forms to share insight on the history, culture and arts in Africa through Conferences, Photographs, Videos, Music, Filmed Interviews and Works of Art.

Health & Social Welfare

Over the years the HACC has been collaborating with partner organizations to provide food items to the poor and indigent in our communities during the festive seasons.

HACC will create an indigent fund that will help provide assistance to needy individuals and supporting them to live full, rewarding lives. The Indigent Fund will also be used to provide subsidized and at times free medical treatment in our partner medical centres to the deserving members of our community.

Exhibitions & Entertainment

We showcase our beautiful and rich diverse cultures of all African countries and to exhibit our traditional art and food.

We promote and exhibiting our ancient Africa’s tradition, arts & craft and culture through photographs, videos, music, filmed interviews and works of Art.

Youth Education & Empowerment

Our youth education will provide them training on dignified African culture & customs as well as contemporary African culture and heritage.

Education is Center’s first charitable purpose, and our education and youth programs will immerse young people in contemporary African culture and heritage as well as provide them training and personal development opportunities.

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